Two Sharpies and that’s a wrap. Beanstalk colored.

French Grey 20 & 50% for all shadows.

"Avocado" which tastes like complete shit. I mean this in both the marker and the fruit.

Green Tea party up in this biiiiitchhhhh

Chart-chart- What the fuck is this color even called? Part 3

I’m not sure what’s worse. Watching your team get Christy Mack’d all over the field OR having to listen to Tebow in surround sound and thinks “Joe Buck isn’t that bad after all.”

Next a color called “Lime Peel” which reminds me of Taco Bell meat and crusty feet.

Process of coloring with Prismacolors which will only interest about two people. First layer “Deco Yellow”

One panel left to draw and then it’s on to coloring.